How to Choose a Comfortable pair of Flats

How to Choose a Comfortable pair of Flats

Rad Russel

Ballet flats are chic, versatile shoes that you can throw on with almost any outfit. But it’s hard to make them a wardrobe favourite when there are so many horrors associated with them! Nightmares of blisters, feet pain and the list goes on. So how do you pick out the perfect pair without fighting toe and nail to break it in?

Here’s our list of things to look out for!


1. Cushioned Insoles

Cushioned insoles are a godsent for days where you need to be up and about! They provide support to your feet, ensuring comfort for hours. When trying out a new pair of flats, feel for how the insole supports your feet.

2. Thick Sole

Walking can quickly take a toll on your feet, so be sure to look out for a thicker sole on your flats. They’ll help with shock absorption, easing tension on your feet. Thin soles are about the same as walking barefoot!


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3. Elastic Lining

We all love flats for how convenient they are — no need to fuss with laces or buckles. Unfortunately, they’re also prone to slipping and before you know it, you’re fighting to not leave your shoes behind while you walk. This can end in painful friction blisters, in addition to frustration. If this problem sounds familiar, flats with an elastic lining can really change the game.

4. Soft Upper Material

How can we talk about comfort without talking about the material? Look for flats with a soft and comfortable upper. Fabric blends can work well but if you’re looking for a more durable shoe, genuine leather uppers can also make a soft but durable shoe.


Finding a comfortable pair of shoes can be tricky, but it’ll be worth the trouble when you find the pair of shoes that make you look and feel good!


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