Types of dress shoes

Types of dress shoes

Dress shoes come in so many different styles and the selection can be overwhelming. Derbies, oxfords, monkstraps — how do you know which is which? Enter our quick guide and who knows, you might find your next fashion piece!



Lace-up dress shoes can be split into two categories: Oxford and derby shoes. The difference is in the lacing — oxfords have a closed lacing, giving rise to a sleeker appearance. Oxfords are considered the most formal style.

types of dress shoes


Unlike oxfords, derbies have an open lacing. They are more versatile and can be worn formally or casually, depending on the leather. Brown derbies can be easily worn with a pair of chinos for a smart casual look.

Monk strap

In a monk strap, traditional laces are replaced by a single or double buckle. They offer an alternative to lace-up shoes. Bold and different, they are perfect for the adventurer looking to expand their style.


Loafers offer a more laid-back look with their slip-on style. These shoes can be paired with jeans and a button-down shirt for an easy smart casual look.

Need help choosing a type of shoe? Give our dress shoe guide a read!


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